PachaLlaqtaWasichay: Indigenous Space, Modern Architecture, New Art investigates contemporary art practices that preserve and foreground Indigenous American notions of the built environment and natural world.  Influenced by the richness of these concepts, the artworks explore the conceptual frameworks inherited from, and also still alive in, Indigenous groups in Mexico and South America that include the Quechua, Aymara, Maya, Aztec, and Taíno, among others. 

The show features the work of seven emerging Latinx artists based in the United States and Puerto Rico, including the Mexicans Livia Corona Benjamín, Guadalupe Maravilla, and Claudia Peña Salinas. The pieces that make up this exhibition investigate the complex relationship that indigenous and vernacular notions of construction, land, space, and cosmology have had in the history of modern and contemporary art and architecture in the Americas.


Where: Whitney Museum of American Art                          99 Gansevoort Street, NY

When: July 13 - September 30, 2018