The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York is proud to present Sonic Postcards from Mexico City. The exhibition presented at the Octavio Paz Gallery in the Consulate General of Mexico, features the work of eleven Mexican artists that for the past decade have collected and reflected upon the noise and sound that echoes the liveliness, diversity, pulse, and vitality of the ever changing Mexico City. The selection of soundscapes, track and record the personal and public spaces of one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Whether documenting the sonic heritage of the city or revealing layers of otherwise unheard noise, through the exploration of sound the artists capture iconic places, the social context, the dynamics, and ambiguity of the city; the silence and loudness of the diverse urban environments of the expanded metropolis.

Sonic Postcards from Mexico City examines the idea of soundscape and will have parallel activities to continue exploring this concept in the context of the exhibition.


Artists: Peter Avar, Jorge Reyes, Felix Blume, Israel Martínez, Benito Salazar, Carlos Prieto, Iranyela López, Mirna Castro, Julio Cárdenas, Enrique Maraver y Leonardo Santiago

Photographs by: Travesias Media/ - Annuska Angulo, Paulina Figueroa, Rodrigo Marmolejo, Jordana Btp, and Santiago Arau

This exhibition was made possible with the support of the artists, Fonoteca Nacional, and Travesias Media/


Curator: Andrea Valencia

Exhibition Design: Leticia Pardo

Exhibition prduction: Constantin Apostol


When: May 9 - September 7

Where: Octavio Paz Gallery / Consulate General of Mexico                                        27 East 39th Street, 9 am to 6 PM